Jul 17 2009

We’re up and running!!

Hello, fair readers. Behold, the brand-spanking-new WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot.org. Please keep in mind that I’ve only just begun working on the site, so it’ll probably be a little rough for a while. When I transferred over the Blogger posts, all the tags got converted to categories and it was a big mess. I’ll have to go back and touch up the old stuff. And I’m not crazy about the theme… But hey, we’re here.

Also would like to call to your attention a second project I’ve begun collaborating on. I am now a blogger at the newly revamped SciFiandGadgets.com. It’s covering all things SciFi and geeky. As of this posting, no posts from me there yet, but I’ve got about 3 of them partially finished. I’ll pull those together soon.

So, enjoy!!

Jul 13 2009

Another successful zoo trip.

I love going to the zoo. I love the animals. I love the photo opportunities. I love watching the people watching the animals.

On Saturday, Brian and I took a trip up to York Wild Animal Kingdom in York, Maine. Neither of us had ever been up there before. Aside from a little parking snag, it was pretty great. They have a big amusement park as well as the zoo.

Now, let’s face it. These are animals. There is always the chance that perhaps some animal or other may be engaged in… ahem, delicate activities. Of course, there are animals that you would be more likely to expect this sort of behavior from. I think anything from the ape family is highly suspect. Monkeys too. The big cats maybe.

But no!
For the first time, Brian and I saw animals engaged in such activities while at the zoo. And it wasn’t a pair of primates or the big cats. Not even the giraffes, though I feel that would have been an enlightening experience. No, it was the tortoises.

So as wonderful as the rest of the zoo was, there was just no getting away from the tortoises. There were several other highlights, especially the kangaroos who were SOOOOO close and the prairie dog Alamo. You can see the rest of my photos from this trip here.

York Zoo 7-11-09

Jul 10 2009

When cool kids drink

Before we all embark on another weekend adventure, I’d like to recall the events of the 4th of July.

The 4th of July around here is a time for celebration. Beers and barbecue. Friends getting together and enjoying each other’s company. This is what Brian and I set out to do last Saturday morning. We headed down to the house of a friend of ours who was kind enough to host. The burgers were seared and the beers were flowing.

Now, this party was populated heavily with what I’ll call “Cool Kids”. These are people who are into sports, watching and playing. They’ve got the clothes and the sunglasses and all that…

… but, woe to them, for after a few beers, inhibitions are decreased… or erased entirely. Some suffering this fate participate in the usual acts of public drunkenness. But a few, the select few, are compelled to unleash their inner nerd upon the world. They do this by singing a World of Warcraft parody song. I am not making this up. I was serenaded about the woes of being a shadow priest from one such inebriated cool kid. I have proof.

So beware, fair readers, as you set out this weekend for whatever debauchery you have planned. You, too, could wind up showing someone your inner nerd.

Note: The one on the right is wearing a Nat Pagle Fishing Supplies shirt. He has nothing to hide.

Jul 9 2009

[WoW] I loves me my PvE server

The Midsummer Fire Festival has come and gone. As with any of these holidays, there was a large amount of complaining about the PvP element. I am not without sympathy for these complainers. There are those that do not really enjoy PvP. I also fully agree with the solution to the problem that others have put forth; you don’t have to do the holiday. For those of you still with me on the epic quest for the Violet Proto-Drake, it doesn’t seem quite so much like a choice. Rather than complain, though, I wish people would embrace the excitement that a little bit of PvP can introduce to your regular game.

Behold, the PvE servers. As Brian reminded me, in the days of Vanilla WoW, they were referred to as “Carebear Servers”. Of course, I’m not particularly concerned with my “hardcore” status, so that’s where I roll. Even while cuddling my Carebear, I do love some good PvP. I like battlegrounds (except Warsong Gulch) and Wintergrasp. Woe to the lowbe Ally flagged in my presence. Otherwise, I like to be able to do what I want to do without having to worry about some jerk killing me for no reason other than the pleasure of ruining my day.

Along come the holidays. They seem to usually have some kind of PvP component, be it battleground achievements or world PvP. The Fire Festival is no exception. We must honor our own flames and desecrate those of our enemies. Desecrating enemy fires cause you to become PvP flagged. This is where the complaints lie. We’re on a PvE server because we don’t want to have to deal with world PvP. Really, though, give Blizzard credit for trying to make it something a little more than just a tour of the greater Azeroth flight paths. I, for one, relish the excitement of finding oneself vulnerable in the middle of the wilderness. Avoiding the Alliance on the roads, preparing to make a lightning strike raid on their main cities, waiting out a flag in the trees. This really makes my heart pound. There’s preparation there. I ride around on my Dreadsteed instead of my wolf. I turn off my title to make my name shorter. I turn my helm back on to be less conspicuously Blood Elf. There’s a Mata Hari-like thrill to the whole affair.

That being said, there are a few easy things you can do to make your life easier during these times. First, if at all possible, don’t try to get this stuff done during peak hours. Brian and I raided all four of the opposite faction cities to get their fires first thing on Sunday morning. We only died once at the hand of another player. Because we got such an early start on the achievements, we had actually done all of Azeroth before they reset the quests. I actually wound up doing most of them twice. With all of those enemy fires, I only had a problem with other players a couple of times. I’ll admit, once I became flagged, there was a fair amount of diving off the roads when someone was coming. Occasionally I’d cast water breathing on myself and wait it out at the bottom of a lake (This works well. Players don’t like under water battles). It’s great fun. And don’t go alone. Even if you only have one other person to roll with, that’s enough to protect you from the lone jerk wandering the wastes. Sure, you might die a couple times. Remember, if the person is camping your corpse, as long as you’re not in the capital city, you can always wait out your flag as a ghost so they can’t continue to grief you after you res.

So, come on, people, embrace the opportunity to show some of those snotty members of the opposite faction what’s what.

Jul 9 2009

Something’s happening here…

… what it is ain’t exactly clear.

Greetings, boys and girls.

I know, haven’t posted in a while. Being unemployed has inexplicably given me tons of free time and yet made me completely busy. I’ve got a lot of projects going on right now. Several of them involve you, dear readers.

New site incoming…

I’m not going to say too much about it yet. It is in the infant stages right now. Well… I’ve got the domain registered. The blog will be there, as well some exciting content from Brian. Our portfolios will eventually be a part of that also. Very exciting.

Etsy Store in development…

I’m working on putting together an Etsy store full of gifts for nerds. I’m thinking it will have things for gamers, DMs, even baby nerds. Things like dice pouches, DM screens, dice towers, baby clothes and toys, stuff like that. Input on the kinds of things you’d like to see there is welcome.

I should also be posting more often. Be ready!

Thanks to everyone who reads ye olde blog. Be sure to follow me on twitter (twitter.com/Daniora) to keep track of what’s going on.