Oct 25 2009

Think Geek Pumpkin Contest: The Portal Pumpkin

Decided to try my hand at designing a pumpkin for the Think Geek contest.

Behold!  The Portal Pumpkin!!


I’ve included two different versions.  One where all the pieces are simply cut out and one with a mixture of cut out and shaving down the skin to make it thin.  For best results, carve it on two different pumpkins and light one with a yellow light and one with a blue light.  I’ll post pictures of my carving as soon as I get it done.

Oct 7 2009

[WoW] Homegrown Figure Print

The Instance podcast had a contest this week to make your own FigurePrint.  I had a ton of fun, though there were definitely a few setbacks. Behold, Amelinda the Blood Elf warlock of AIE.


I found out yesterday that the cut off for entries was today.  So it was a long night last night and I wish I’d had a bit more time.  But I’m really pleased with how she turned out.  Because of my issues with indoor lighting, I had planned on taking the photo outside.  I woke up this morning to pouring rain.  Fortunately, rain stopped and the sun was out just long enough for me to get some great shots.  I took a bunch in the garden, but the best ones came from the wall of the cemetery across the street.  Very appropriate, I thought.  I’ve got some in progress shots as well as the finished ones in an album for your enjoyment.  Just click the image above. The in progress ones stop abruptly when I realize I only have one more day to finish.