Dec 31 2009

2009: The Year in Review

Alright, so I have way too much to do for the New Year’s Eve party that’s starting in a little over an hour to really do a post of this magnitude any justice, but we’ll hit the highlights, shall we?

  • Got engaged.
  • Played too much WoW… or maybe not enough.
  • Lots of people had lots of precious babies and I love them all.
  • Lost my job.
  • Several weddings.
  • Listened to hundreds of podcasts, most of them involving Scott Johnson.
  • Did a bit of artwork, some drawing and a bit of sculpting.

All in all, it was  a pretty great year, aside from the losing my job bit.  Brian is a wonderful partner to have in life and I look forward to spending another year with him.  There’s a lot of big stuff on the way in 2010, and I’m really looking forward to it.

I wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2010!!