[WoW] Achievement Pressure

I went to school from the age of 5 to the age of 24. I had high standards for grades. Getting a C in handwriting in second grade is directly responsible for my clear penmanship today. I know the pressure of academics.

And nothing compares to the fact that I’ve only got two holidays left before I get my violet proto-drake.

If I screw it up now, I’ll probably lose my mind. Lord knows I’m not that hardcore of a player. I mean, I’m serious about what I do, I read the blogs, I research things, I’m down with it. But, man, these achievements are killing me. It’s not all of them that I care about, but this looming META-ACHIEVEMENT for all of the holidays.

I love having the achievements for holidays, not just because I enjoy getting the points, but because it gives you a list of activities that you can participate in during those holidays. I mean, I didn’t even know there was a Brewfest boss before the achievements came out. I had no idea how many elders there were… though I learned pretty fast.

I had heart palpitations about the pvp achievements for Children’s Week. I thought sure that was going to be the end of my proto-drake. Granted, they turned out to not be so bad, but still. Damage done. My stomach lining will never forgive me. And now that I’ve only got two holidays left, the pressure is really on.

Brian didn’t get all of his elders, so he’s out of the running til next year. He keeps telling me that Blizzard didn’t really intend for people to do the whole meta in one year.

I beg to differ.

It was a challenge set before us, a challenge so many of us have, for better or worse, willingly accepted and so valiantly fight towards. I have met several fellow achievement-hunters who have been wonderful. We’ve run instances, fought monsters, killed the Alliance. It’s been good. But, man, the pressure is here. I can relax for now. The next holiday isn’t for a little while. But it will come. And I’ll be ready.

It’s on.

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  • jjFTW Says:

    OMG they so kill me too, but fortunately for me, there is no way I can get the meta until next year. I can’t pressure myself too much because I missed stuff early on…so I’m stuck. However, for Children’s week – big ol’ checkmark of doneness!

  • Frost Says:

    In my defense!

    I wasn’t able to fly in time to get the Merry Maker title before Elders even showed up, thusly curbing my drive to get all of them done.

    I am very happy to be the Achievement Assistant. I know I won’t win the drake this year, but it’s an honor just to be nominated.


    whoa… but still. You go girl. I'm still no where near hardcore. Between work and then trying to pump up an career in illustration… I'm still a "just for fun player" >.<. Since I'm currently working on illustrating a book and trying to finish a costume for anime boston, it seems that every time I log on there's something new. :(

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