[Webcomic Wednesday] Penny Arcade, Extra Life, PvP

I’m introducing a new regular contribution this week. In Webcomic Wednesdays, I’m going to intoduce three webcomics that everyone should read.

Since this is the first post like this, I’m going to sent 3 big ones that everyone is probably already reading. And if you’re not, you should be!!

Penny Arcade

Let’s face it, every nerd reads Penny Arcade. Even those who don’t read it can’t deny that it’s a force in Geekdom. (I’ve got my PAX10 tickets already) I don’t know that it’s necessarily my favorite webcomic right now, but it is the comic I’ve been most faithful to. A few years ago, I started at comic #1 and read all the way through. It is an important part of my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule. So that’s got to count for something. And since I am maybe a bit narrow minded in my gaming news, it’s nice to have a source that so suscinctly provides me with everything I need to know.

Extra Life

While I’m a recent newcomer to this, I’ve been back through the archives and am all caught up. I follow Scott on Twitter so that I know the moment a new comic is posted. This comic follows gaming and Geekdom in general. World events. Pretty much anything that pops into Scotts head. It’s impecably drawn and always entertaining.


I’ll admit, I haven’t read this one in a while. When I was first introducted to it, though, I went back to the beginning and read all the way through. It’s great. I do want to get back into it, but I have to figure out where I left off so I can catch back up.

All three of these are well established comics that have been going on for years. It’s pretty fun to go back and watch the evolution of styles.

So, go forth! Elevate the webcomic (and comics in general, for that matter) to the exalted level they deserve. Read them, click their ads, support the hell out of them.

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